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masteron side effects steroids side effects 

masteron side effects

The mechanism of action related to the blockade  histamine receptor membranes of parietal cells of the gastric mucosa. Suppresses the day and night, as well as basal and stimulated secretion of hydrochloric acid , reduces the volume of gastric juice induced gastric distension food load influence of hormones and biogenic stimulators (gastrin, histamine, acetylcholine, pentagastrin, caffeine).
Reduces HCl in gastric juice almost without suppressing “liver” enzymes associated with cytochrome  not affect the concentration in plasma gastrin, mucus production. Reduces the activity of pepsin.
Does not affect the concentration of calcium ions in the blood serum. After oral administration of therapeutic doses has no effect on prolactin.
It has no effect on the release of pituitary hormones gonadotropin, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and somatotropin. It does not affect the concentrations of cortisol, aldosterone, androgen or estrogen, sperm motility, sperm quantity and composition, as well as does not have antiandrogenic action.
It may weaken the release of vasopressin. Increases masteron side effects gastric mucosal protective mechanisms and helps heal her injuries associated with exposure to hydrochloric acid, by increasing the formation of gastric mucus, its content of glycoproteins, stimulating the secretion of bicarbonate gastric mucosa, endogenous synthesis in her prostaglandin (Pg), and refresh rate.
The dose 150 mg suppresses gastric acid secretion for 8-12 hours. mikrosomalnye inhibits enzymes (weaker cimetidine).
The duration of action following a single dose up to 12 hours.

quickly absorbed, are poor reception does not affect the extent of absorption, has virtually no effect on the plasmatic concentration of ranitidine and its pharmacokinetic properties. After a single oral dose of 150 mg ranitidine maximum plasma concentrations . Repeated dose of the same dose in 12-hour intervals in a steady state plasma concentrations reach  When ingestion bioavailability of ranitidine is approximately 50%. The maximum concentration (by ingestion of 150 mg of ranitidine), the time to reach in the blood plasma is about 2-3 hours after administration. Plasma protein binding is less than 15%. Total clearance . Ranitidine very well into the tissue and fluids: passes through the placental barrier (the concentration of ranitidine in the breast milk of women during lactation than in plasma), the central nervous system  of the plasma concentration. It has the effect of “first pass” through the liver. The rate and extent of elimination little dependent on the state of the liver. Hepatic clearance of ranitidine is 70% after oral administration of the drug.

Symptomatic treatment of dyspeptic disorders associated with high acidity of gastric juice (heartburn, nausea, acid regurgitation).
Without a doctor’s prescription medication can make adults (over 18 years), children under 12 years -only on doctor’s advice.

Ranisan ® should not be used: in case of hypersensitivity masteron side effects to ranitidine and excipients of the preparation: during lactation; before excluding the diagnosis of malignant nature of ulcer; children up to 3 years.

Renal and / or hepatic failure, cirrhosis with portosystemic encephalopathy in history, immunosuppression, acute porphyria (including history), pregnancy. online anabolic steroids pharmacy

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