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oral masteron

Because treatment with oral masteron reported fluid retention and the appearance of edema, special care is recommended to observe patients with impaired renal function and heart, with hypertension in the anamnesis, elderly patients, while taking diuretics or drugs that have a significant impact on renal function and also patients who have a significant decrease in the volume of circulating blood plasma of any etiology, for example, prior to or following major surgery. In such cases, using diclofenac as a precaution it is recommended to monitor renal function. After discontinuation of therapy is usually the initial parameters are restored.

Rapten Rapid recommended for a few days. In appointing the drug for a long time shown a systematic monitoring picture peripheral blood, liver, kidney, feces study on the presence of blood.

Rapid Rapten, just like other oral masteron, may temporarily inhibit platelet aggregation. Therefore, in patients with impaired hemostasis requires careful monitoring of the relevant laboratory parameters.

Diclofenac may have a negative effect on female fertility, it is not recommended to use the drug for women planning pregnancy.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms
During treatment, possibly a reduction in speed of psychomotor reactions.
Therefore, patients taking the drug, you oral masteron must refrain from activities requiring increased attention and rapid mental and motor reactions, as well as the use of alcohol.


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